2013 - 2014
Spring Arts Fest 2014
Travel Club Basketball Game March 2014
Cornell Hockey and Middle School Hockey
Spirit Week Hallway Decorating
9th Graders view Gettysburg Address
Sustainable Living Field Trip
Mrs. Wilcox's Germ Lesson

2012 - 2013
Spirit Week
Door Decorating - Fall
Departmental Pumpkin Decorating
Happy Pumpkins
Mini-Golf in PE
Jazz Night - February

Life and Careers - Thanksgiving Dinner

2011 - 2012
April - MaySADD Bulletin Board

January - March
____Civil Service Field Trip____
Faculty vs. Faculty Basketball

Track at Ithaca College
The Chanukah Song

September, 2011
Spirit Week

2010 - 2011
May, 2011

Fun in May

April, 2011

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Why is Newfield High School a Great Place to Be?
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Saturday Track and Field at Barton Hall - January 8th 2011

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Friday Night Basketball - January 7th 2011

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Tuesday Night Basketball - January 4th 2011

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Winter Track at Cortland State
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Community Service Can Be Fun: Encouraging Donations to the Canned Food Drive
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