It is with mixed emotions that I share with you the news that I have accepted the position of Assistant Superintendent for Instruction at TST BOCES, starting July 1st. While I can’t wait to begin this new work, I am also sad to be leaving Newfield. I have been one of the luckiest people in the world to have had the opportunity to work here, and have been humbled by your generosity of mind and spirit. Now it is time for someone else to come in and grow the work in new and exciting ways. The good news is that there are highly skilled and committed educational leaders who dream of the chance to work in a high school community that looks like, sounds like, and feels like our Newfield High School community.

We will take responsibility for our work and actions by effectively preparing ourselves for this change. We will do this in ways that are conscious, consistent, and committed to what is best for our community.

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Thank you to Newfield Central School District for supporting much of this work during my tenure as Principal
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