What Kids Can Do
Youth on Board
Student Voice in Schools
Human Rights Friendly School
Save the Children

Rural Youth and families:
Youthbuild USA
Rural School & Community Trust
National Rural Assembly
Appalachian Media Institute
Rural School & Community Trust
Education for Rural People - United Nations

School-Community-Family Partnership
Family Involvement with Reading
MLK Community Build

Hip Hop:
Born in the Bronx Archives, Cornell
Hip Hop Summit Action Network
Hip Hop Research Guide - Ira Revels, CU
A Conversation with Hip Hop Pioneers, CU

People with Disabilities:
Person First Language, CSUN
Autism Women's Network
Disability is Natural
Wrightslaw Special Education Advocacy
Americans with Disability Act
Education Week Overview Article
National Alliance on Mental Illness (Thanks to Nan Bell, Library Media Specialist at Ithaca High School, for this link)
Kids as Self Advocates
Norman Kunc & Emma Van der Klift: Helping People Work With People, Not On Them
Fingerlakes Independence Center
Racker Center(Thanks to Sarah Simpkins, social worker at Belle Sherman, for this link)
Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act of 2004
The Education for the Handicapped Act
IEP Guide
RTI Primer for Parents
Inclusive Education Wiki
ADL Anti-Bias Checklist

Economic Issues and Support in Tompkins County:
United Way Compass II Report
Tompkins County Affordable Housing Needs Assessment

Food Bank of Central New York

Food Bank of the Southern Tier

Food Stamp Outreach Program

Nutrition Consortium of NYS

Community Foundation Reports

Tompkins County Budget Info

Teaching Inquiry
Question-Asking Skills
Teaching about Resistance and Enslavement
Connections - NSRF Newlsetter
Teaching for Change
Coteaching Wiki
International Reading Association: Second Language Literacy Instruction
Working to Improve Schools and Education (WISE)
International Reading Association: Second Language Literacy Instruction
The Perkins Act
High Tech High
"Reading to End Racism"; Bolder Valley School District
Justice Matters: Creating Racially Just Schools

Multiple Links
Lesbian,Gay, Bi-Sexual, Transgender (LGBT) Folks
Native Americans/Indians
African Americans/Black Folks
People Who are Deaf

Integrating DI & UbD Wiki
Integrating DI & UbD Blog
login to new district website
link to teachers' old websites
staff wiki
Multicultural Calendar
Copyright Information
More Copyright Information
US Census Bureau
Civil Rights Project- Harvard(Thanks to Josh Bornstein for this link)
Comprehensive Site for Anti-Bullying Resources
Center for Law and Education

Thank you to Newfield Central School District for supporting much of this work during my tenure as Principal

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