Monthly Articles for the Newfield Central School District Newsletter

Thank You for the Last Four YearsSee Page 8
Doing What is Best for Our Community
(page 6)
Help Us Answer the Question:
Who is Newfield?
See Page 6
Who Is Newfield?
See Page 6
Focusing on Academics (pg. 7)
Find Your Growing Edge
(pages 6 & 7)
Developing, Monitoring, And Refining Our Shared Vision & Goals For Learning
(page 6)
Using the Common Core Standards to Eliminate Hunger
Community Dinner and Cafe (page 6)
Education ≠ Entertainment
Imagining Relevant Education
MLK Reading Group
School- Work Partnerships
Where Do We Go From Here- Chaos or Community?
(page 6)
Our Students Think & Care
(page 6)
Thank you, Thank You, and Thank You
This year, I hope and Dream
(page 6)
Back to School Basics (page 3)
Goals and Vision-Where Have We Been, Where are We Going?
(page 6)
Committed to What's Best for Our Community - Help Eliminate Hunger in Newfield
(page 6)
Taking Responsibility for Our Words and Actions - Why I Don't Shout During Foul Shots
(Page 6)
Service - Doing What's Best for Our Community
(page 6)
Doing What's Best for Our Community - Increasing Academic Rigor
(page 6)
Responsibility for Our Work and Actions in the High School
(page 6)
Discipline - Conscious, Consistent, Committed to What's Best for our Community
(page 6)
Making Newfield Greater
Back to School & Our Goals
(page 4)
Excellence - What Does it Really Look Like?
(page 6)
Reflections on My First Three Months

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